Welcome to Yelena Lewis’s blog, featuring original artwork and writing in English and Russian by Yelena Lewis.

Yelena Lewis is a visual artist working out of a studio in France. She works primarily in oil on canvass, though she also uses other media, including but not limited to: ink and pen, tempera on wood, engraving, sculpture, mixed media, and acrylics.

Yelena also loves writing: she has written a few short stories which you can look up on thi website and is currently working on a novel.

Born in Soviet Russia in pre-Perestroika Moscow but having lived in a variety of European countries and having travelled globally, both Yelena’s art and writing are influenced by the diversity of human cultural experience and the universality of human emotion. She is best known for her playful yet tragic profiles but has also been known to paint powerful living urban and rural landscapes.

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Solo Exhibitions


March 2017 Travelling Light”, Geneva, Switzerland.
April 2013 “Look to the East, Look to the West”, La Ruine Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.
July 2011 “Postcards from Japan”, Chateau de Voltaire, Orangerie, Ferney-Voltaire, France.
June 2011 Galerie Les Toiles Filantes, Annemasse, France.
May 2011 Club “Ethno”, Geneva, Switzerland.
October 2007 Salle Victor Duruy, Cluny, France.
October 2007 “Words are not Enough”, Cisterna di Latina, Cisterna, Italy.
February 2007 Iorsh Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.
June 2006 L’Arcade Chausse Coqs, Geneva, Switzerland.
May 2006 Palais de Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.
May 2005 L’Arcade Chausse Coqs, Geneva, Switzerland.

Collective Exhibitions

July – September 2022 “Pax Mundi” International Exhibition. Plexus Art Gallery, Momtreux, Switzerland

Decembr 2020 – January 2021 International Exhibition “The Looking-Glass and Through It”

St.Persburg Museum of XX-XI Centuary Art, Russia

July 2018                    Parallax Art Fair, Kensington, London, UK

July 2017                    “As it Stands”, 100Year Gallery, London, UK

December 2016 Art Market in Villa Dutoit, Geneva, Switzerland.
December 2016 “A Night in Paris” Ballet Christmas Show, Salon du Lac at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, Switzerland.
May 2016 “Melodies’emotions”, An Exhibition of Art by the Russian Diaspora, Gallerie d’Anieres, 18 Rue Centrale,  Anieres, Switzerland.
December 2015 “Izba 3” Exhibition, La Ruine Gallery, 22 Rue des Vollande, Geneva,  Switzerland.
April 2012 Villa Dutoit, Geneva, Switzerland.
February 2012 Les Toiles Filantes, Annemasse, France.
December 2010 La Ruine Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.
July 2010 Halle Nord, Geneva, Switzerland.
May 2010 Ge Grave, Geneva, Switzerland.
November 2007 La Ruine Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.
December 2006 La Ruine Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
December 2005 Lez’Arts de Saint Julien, Saint Julien, France
December 2004 Lez’Arts de Saint Julien, Saint Julien, France
December 2004 Salle Maurice Raisain, Leaz, France
July 2004 Fort L’Ecluse, Collanges, France
May 2003 Marie de Ferney-Voltaire, Ferney-Voltaire, France